Japanese knives

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Japanese knives
gyuto miyabi

Japanese knives
Miyabi Birchwood SG2

Japanese knives

Japanese knives

Japanese knives
Yoshihiro Aoko (Blue Steel) Kurouchi Santoku Multipurpose Japanese Chef Knife

Japanese knives

Japanese knives are some of the best kitchen knives in the world. The Japanese are known for their delicate knife work on food, especially when making sashimi and sushi.  avocado.

They are so particular about the preparation of food that they made their own kitchen knives to cater for their highly skilled filleting of fish. This is why all Japanese kitchen knives have that signature razor-like edge.
The Japanese chef knives are usually very precise in slicing and are able to make paper-thin cuts. Not everyone is suited to hold a Japanese knife though, because the blades are often thin and made of hard steel. If handled without care, they may break.

I love Shun knives for their incredible beauty and amazing sharpness. The Shun Classic chef knife will never be the cheapest Japanese kitchen knife but it will be the sharpest knife in your drawer.
It is the best Japanese chef knife and one of the best chef knives made of hard VG-10 steel, which is a high carbon steel made and graded in Japan. The heft and edge combines for an easy drop and maneuver, so you can use it to cut thick slabs of meat or fish without fail.
If you fancy a more premium Japanese kitchen knife (read as expensive professional knife), go for the Shun Premier. At about $40 more than the Shun Classic, this gorgeous Damascus layered chef knife makes you capable of cuts you were never able to make (beautiful and even slices for everything from fruit to tough steak shoulder).

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