LAPADA – The Story Behind Association of Art & Antiques Dealers

LAPADA the Association of Art & Antiques Dealers is the largest society of professional art and antiques dealers in the UK.

Although the majority of its membership is UK based, LAPADA also currently has 50 members in 16 other countries.

Since its inception in 1974, LAPADA’s membership has grown to over 550 members, who are experts in their respective fields of world’s most coveted works of art, antiques, design and decorative arts.

Membership is only open to those who meet the Association’s requirements as to experience, quality of stock and knowledge of their subject. Between them, members cover virtually every discipline from antiquities to contemporary fine art.

A piece of advice for acquiring first antique pieces by Julia Boston, who comes from a family of antiques dealers and who has been in the trade since her childhood:

…and when you have decided what you like,
buy the best you can afford…

Watch Globalist Film short film about the people behind association, their passion for antiques and their vision on the future of the trade.

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