Napolitan couturiers Bencivenga

Elegance, refinement, sensuality and Italian

Bencivenga brings them together and how. Its made-to-measure suits tell a mesmerising story of style, avant-garde haute couture and eclecticism.

Grandmother Giuseppa set up the brand in 1958, and built a formidable reputation as a sought-after couturier. From dressing the Italian royal family and rich courtiers half a century ago, to some of the most stylish men in the world today, Bencivenga’s fashion journey has been a long one, but one with its foundations always firmly in Italy.

Today, her nephews, Oscar and Tiffany, continue her legacy, and have made the brand a serious name in the fashion business.

We bring something special to every detail of the suit

Oscar, director of Bencivenga Alta Sartoria, has moved with his brother Tiffany to London, to bring the brand to global reach.

Every suit is lovingly hand crafted in Bencivenga’s Italian atelier by skilled neapolitan tailors, made of the highest grade Italian and English fabrics, and made to your precise body measurements that are meticulously taken.

Bencivenga suits are cut in a classic Neapolitan style; being softer in the shoulder, narrower in the legs and arms, more sculpted in the waist and lower in the crotch than the standard English cuts. The results are sensational and have made Bencivenga synonymous with timeless masculine style.

While based in Dubai, Bencivenga brothers visited Dubai in late September and will be returning in November to meet their clients.

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