Bob Dylan – first musician to receive Nobel Prize for Literature

The American artist and poet Bob Dylan is the first musician to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature

It’s official. The Swedish Academy has awarded this Thursday, October 13th Bob Dylan with the Nobel Prize for Literature.  The previous year awards were received by Patrick Modiano in 2014 and Svetlana Aleksievitch in 2015.

A first for the artist and American poet of 75, who became the first musician to receive this prestigious award. An award that honours his commitment and creativity. He managed to

create as part of the great tradition of American music to new forms of poetic expression

in the words of Sara Danius, general secretary of the Swedish Academy.

After Toni Morrison in 1993, is now the turn of another figure in American literature to be recognized worldwide. Bob Dylan will celebrate his award during his concert at the Desert Trip festival this weekend.

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